Kennewick Washington- The Tri-Cities Premier Lacrosse Club growing the sport for boys grades K-8, and for girls grades K-12.

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WSLA All-Conference Teams

Big CONGRATS to our own Morgan Hanson for making the

2022 WLSA Eastern All-Conference Team.


by posted 05/21/2022
Practice Schedules

Below is the currently-planned practice schedule.  Unless otherwise indicated, practices will be held at our home fields at Church of the Nazarene.  Coaches will be reaching out to each team for specific start/end times.

  • Field 1: Large field near wood fence
  • Field 2: Medium field near shed
  • Field 3: Half field near playground
  • Field 4: Small corner field

Field map is located HERE.

Team Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Boys K/2   Field 4   Field 4
Boys 3/4   Field 2 Field 4 Field 2
Boys 5/6 Field 1 North Field 1 North   Field 1 North
Boys 7/8 Field 1 South Field 1 North   Field 1 South
Girls K/2 Field 4   Field 2  
Girls 3/4 Field 2 Field 3 Field 2  
Girls 5/6 Field 3   Field 1 Field 3
Girls 7/8 Field 3   Field 1 Field 3
Girls HS South Hills South Hills South Hills South Hills

by posted 02/12/2022

Our club was featured on a KNDU segment today to help promote the club and the sport of lacrosse in the Tri-Cities.  Thank you to KNDU for your support.  If you'd like to read the article, you can do so at

More clinics are coming in January so keep a lookout for dates and times.


by posted 12/18/2021
Our Coyote History

Our Coyote History begins back in the Spring of 2004....


After being turned down by their school district to start a lacrosse club, two high school juniors, determined to play lacrosse in the Tri-Cities, sent a grant request application to the US Lacrosse Association with hopes of starting their own lacrosse team.


Months later in January 2005, after little thought about even having a chance of winning the grant, one of the boys' mother received a phone call. It was from a trucking company requesting confirmation for the address of where $8,000 worth of lacrosse equipment would be delivered! The Lance Holden Memorial Grant, the single largest grant that the US Lacrosse Association awarded, had been won! This grant provided enough equipment and gear to fully equip a lacrosse team of 20 players. With the help of their neighbor, a former Duke lacrosse club player who agreed to coach, and through word of mouth, 19 boys and 1 girl began practice in March of 2005.


After the first season, recognizing the growth potential of lacrosse in the Tri-Cities and Eastern Washington, parents of team members began the process of organizing a non-profit club from which many teams, both boys and girls, youth through high school, could evolve. After months of paperwork and meetings with a lawyer, who graciously offered his services pro-bono, 3Rivers Lacrosse Club was realized in March 2006.


Now, 17+ years after those two determined juniors started the lacrosse ball rolling, 3Rivers Lacrosse is home to over 150+ players, 4 boys teams in grades 1-8 and 4 girls teams in grades 1-12.  Lacrosse in the Tri-Cities has grown from 1 lacrosse club to 7, with 3 youth lacrosse clubs and 4 high school lacrosse clubs. 


Thanks to all the parents, coaches and players who, over the past 17 years, continue to dedicate their time, skills and services to build up the great sport of lacrosse in our community. 3Rivers Lacrosse continues to support, encourage and promote the growth of lacrosse in the Tri-Cities, Washington area, while upholding our Code of Conduct and honoring this great sport we love. 




by posted 09/16/2016
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